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Alright this is a little off-topic from web design, but what can I say it is springtime and love is in the air! I recently attended a local design meet-up group (please don’t try to pick up a date at these, they are for professional networking!) and one of my friends was talking about how he’d been having a lot of success talking with women on online dating services, but when it came time for the first date he was having a hard time coming up with ideas beyond the basics. That got me thinking, I spend a lot of time designing websites, but what about designing a date? Promo Codes

Well first you need a date! I’d definitely avoid those free dating websites, they are full of scammers and can be a little sketchy. You get what you pay for is apparently quite true for online dating. Now don’t worry it doesn’t have to be expensive, for example I found some super good deals at Don’t be afraid to message a lot of people! The wider the net you cast, and all that. Plus I think pinning all your hopes on one person agreeing to go on a date with you is putting a lot of pressure on them, don’t do that. promo codes

Designing the First Date!

So you’ve managed to get that first date with that special someone, but now you have the pressure of planning it. Don’t panic, planning a first date doesn’t have to be stressful all you have to remember is that a first date should allow for good conversation and most of all be fun so you and your date remember it.

Here are a few ideas of things you could do for a first date:

Dinner and a Movie

This one is a classic for a reason. It’s simple but effective, it allows for good conversation in a time frame that isn’t so long that you run out of things to say. The dinner allows for you to get to know each other and the movie allows you to have something to discuss at the end of the date or maybe the second date (also enables the two of you to get close i.e. hold hands or maybe a kiss only if both of you are comfortable with that). Now to take it a step further for the ‘design’ part, the restaurant should reflect the movie. Maybe it’s the cuisine of where the movie takes place, or similar to a restaurant that the characters visit in the film. Failing that you could always go to a movie themed restaurant if you have one of those nearby!

Aquarium, Museum or Gallery

This allows you to take your time and see something new as well as have something to talk about or have an opinion on. It could also lead to a dinner date after which is good as you will always have something to talk about (i.e. what was your favorite fish, piece of art, etc) if you run out of things to say. If you have a museum or gallery of design in your area that might work out great as if your date consistently picks out good designs then you know that you two are compatible!

Go on a ghost tour

It’s new and not many people do it for a first date, therefore, it makes the date more special as well as unique. It will give you something fun to do as well as be memorable and give you something to talk about on future dates or at dinner if you go for a bite to eat after. A good thing about ghost tours is that it allows you and your date to get close either due to cold weather to keep each other warm or just because your date get scared (brilliant way to break the touch barrier). I did one in Edinburgh two summers ago, it was actually very informative and creepy but not terrifying. Sadly I did not see a ghost, but maybe you will!

Ice Skating

Winter dates are great as they are fun and exciting, but also active dates and therefore memorable. Ice Skating together also enables the two of you to get close as you can hold hands as you go round the rink or simply help each other stay up. I’m not very good at ice skating, but I still have fun doing it.

Try a Late Lunch and Be Open for Dinner

Try this out in order to have a more casual and relaxed date, it’s also a good way to squeeze in a really quick date as you can do it on your lunch break from work. If it’s a weekend, you can go do one of the activities mentioned above together afterwards. If it’s going really well, you could event continue on to dinner together if you’d like.

Whenever planning that first date keep in mind what your shared interests are. If both of you like films go see a movie, if you both like comedy go to a comedy club, if you’re both into live music go to a gig (I think you get the picture now). If you go to something you both like you will enjoy it more. Both of you will be relaxed and comfortable in each others presence which will hopefully lead to more dates in the future. Now get designing that date!

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