What We Do

We are a team of web designers and developers who have been creating beautiful and engaging websites since the early days of the internet.  We can take your ideas and turn it into a fully functioning and high converting website that your visitors will want to visit again and again.

Web design is about much more than just putting together some beautiful pictures on the internet.  You need a website that your audience can easily navigate through and that keeps them entertained.  We have been building sites like that for more than a decade and we know our stuff.

Let us work with you to create something worthy of your business that reflects your skills and creativity.  If you have questions for us you can contact us at anytime.  We would love to hear from you.

About the Founder

Okay now that the generic corporate stuff is out of the way, let’s talk about me! My name is Fran. Yes, really. It’s short for Francesca, my family is Italian! Anyways, I’ve always enjoyed creating & ever since I was a kid I have been drawing and painting. My parents really encouraged me to follow my artistic heart, except for one time when I decided to ‘redecorate’ my bedroom walls!

fran z founder of the new redesignd website

Being an ‘indoor kid’ in the late 90’s, I started to mess around with building simple websites on such amazing platforms as Angelfire and Geocities. Remember webrings? Oh, I was the queen of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer webrings! And it really did start out as simply a labour of love for me. I’d build websites (alright mostly pages, let’s be real) for TV shows and other things I liked just for fun. You didn’t have many design options back then. CSS wasn’t a thing just yet, but you could change fonts, colours, add pictures, and some <sarcasm> truly awesome animated gifs.</sarcasm>

I guess at one point my dad mentioned to a friend that I built websites, and he asked if I could build one for his local landscaping business. I made $30! I now realize that I got ripped off, but at the time I was pretty stoked about how many Pixi Stix that would buy me. But it planted the seed in my mind that maybe this was something that people did for a job. So I went to school, freelanced the whole way through, and just kept on going. It gets lonely working on your own though so now I work with a team. They are amazing humans, if you hire us you’ll get to know some of them!

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