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Tablet PCs and GoDaddy Website Builder Promo Codes

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GoDaddy Promo Codes For Designing Your Own Website.

Designing a website can be tough: there are whole industries devoted to convincing you that you need professional graphic designers and developers who know better and will build a quality site for you or your business.

But it doesn’t really need to be that hard. There are drag and drop website builders where you can make a website look the way you want simply by dragging your mouse around. These website builders are pretty intuitive. We’re particularly fond of GoDaddy’s website builder. Although it costs $12/year, it can be much cheaper with the right coupon code. Here are some promo codes to help you save money on it:

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Design can be used for other things as well. From the Jaguar (vehicle) to Tablet PC’s, creating excellently designed products is a challenge for all industries.

Role of design in creating tablet PCs

Nature doesn’t design in a vacuum; it creates its designs based upon millions of years of trial and error. The saber-toothed tiger fed well on the wholly mammoths of the Siberian plain, but the jaguar is an upgraded model perfectly fit for its environment and time. It has camouflage that blends with the South American terrain, compact and muscular form built to climb trees and chase down peccary pigs, vice-like bite, night vision cat eyes, and the senses of a hunter.

The Jaguar XJ uses similar elements in its design: sleek and stylish body meant for prowling down city streets, seductive lines that flows down the road like the muscles of a predator, 5-liter V8 engine with 385 horsepower that hits 0 to 60 in 5.4 seconds – pure, elegant and powerful.

PC designers can’t work in a vacuum either; they must account for functionality, versatility, style and consumer preferences or they will fall to the evolutionary wayside much like our saber-toothed tiger friend. The world of desktop PCs still exists and will for the foreseeable future (even the wholly mammoth lived well over a hundred thousand years). The tablet PC has caused a revolution in design elements across the board. Externally there is no mouse to click, no keyboard, no serial connections, no number lock, no function keys, and no separate screen. Everything has to fit comfortably in a space no larger than about 10 inches: the iPad2 is 9.5 x 7.31 inches. How does one fit the universe is such a small space?

In tablet design, the user interface is point one, everything else evolves from there. Jaguar XJ designers didn’t design the steering wheel, gear shift, pedals and internal control interface first, those came later. Nature didn’t start with jaguar’s spots and retractable claws; it built the skeleton and went from there. Nature starts at the cellular level and builds inside out.

Where laptops put all the major circuitry beneath the keyboard, the tablet places it underneath the screen. Where users would click with their mouse to open up a variety of programs, they now use an app and much of their information is stored in the cloud. Where they used to write long emails detailing their existence, they now write 140 characters.

According to Derek Lidow, CEO of iSuppli, the iPad “is designed with the UI as the starting point: Apple started by designing the screen, the touch pad and the battery, and lastly focused on the semiconductors and where to put them. This design is what gives the product a unique feel and functionality.” Design is no longer an inside out plan like those from nature and Jaguar Motor Company.

Apple fit the universe into the sleek, elegant and powerful iPad though a design that brings the universe to the user in a lightweight, easy to navigate, crisp HD graphical interface where you only need your fingers to take control of the world. No more problems trying to balance your laptop on your knees, no more sore back from hauling a computer up stairs, no more getting lost in a screen full of icons. The tablet condenses, simplifies and reforms the way consumers experience technology. The jaguar should call up the Apple engineers; maybe they can set it up with easier access to gazelles.

There are many species of cats on the planet, just as there are many types of sports cars, but there is only on jaguar, one XJ and one iPad – nature has a way of thinning out the competition.

Content Management Systems

Is Jekyll a Viable Alternative to WordPress? Plus a Free GoDaddy Promo Code!

You can be sure that you are going to spend a lot of time deciding which platform to use for your site. Most websites and blogs use WordPress, mostly because it is recommended by everyone since it is the most popular, it’s also open source and has a very active community that loves to give out lots of freebies. Not to mention, web developers like its PHP Platform, since it’s fast to code and easy to make their customizations.

So, why should you look beyond WordPress?

godaddy promo codeWell, in the past, WordPress was a simple CMS for people with simple needs. Lately, it has become slightly complicated and there is a learning curve. It can be a bother for small scale sites and blogs that might be better off using a simpler CMS.

Micro CMS, Static Site Generators are all coming into the market trying to solve an age old problem of content management like Jekyll, Ghost, Typepad, etc.

If you’re looking for a WordPress alternative, and you are not averse to coding, then Switching to Jekyll is one option to consider in my opinion.  Have a look at the interface here.

Can Jekyll compete with WordPress?

It’s not about which is better Jekyll or WordPress because everyone’s needs are different. WordPress can do anything these days and if it’s everything you need then stick with it.

By comparison, Jekyll is a blogging platform. If you only want to run a blog, Jekyll has everything you need. You won’t miss WordPress. You won’t lack any features or functionalities, or be spending countless amounts of time choosing widgets for your site. Not to mention, the writing experience is one of the best.

Jekyll is not for the faint-hearted

It is a static site generator that takes the text files and stitches them together creating static HTML sites. Created by Tom Preston-Werner, the co-founder of GitHub.

You should consider Jekyll if you are a developer that likes working with pure code and are looking for a high-performance publishing solution.

Advantages of Jekyll over WordPress:

1. No need to run tons of PHP script
2. No database or backend logic needed
3. Easy for content publishing
4. Fast loading static HTML pages
5. No need to worry about fending off bot-attacks daily

You can have complete control over the look and feel of every single page on your site. One could argue that it’s possible with WordPress too. True, but with Jekyll, it’s easier and less time-consuming as long as you know what you’re doing.

Web Design

How Hostpapa Coupon Codes Can Improve Your Conversion Rates

5 Web Design Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rates

An attractive and appealing web design is very crucial. However, you cannot afford to lose focus of what your site is actually for: convert traffic into lead-and form submissions, contact-form submissions, phone calls, and sales. Without the mentioned actions, your business is not going to generate revenue.

Generally, the more conversations the website generates, the more revenue the business is going to produce. That’s why we want to lay out the 5 web design tips to improve your conversion rates.

And guess what? We’re going to give you a free tip that isn’t even part of the top 5: make your website run fast. Getting a web host provider with a good reputation for speed is one way to ensure that your customers won’t leave your website because it runs slowly. If a dedicated server is too expensive, you can shop for promotional offers to substantially save on a VPS or even shared hosting plan.

1. Choose a Responsive Design

Nearly 31% of all traffic to top 10 digital properties were generated from mobile devices, according to Comscore’s U.S Digital Future in Focus study (2015). While already significant, this number is going to keep increasing. When your website does not offer a pleasant mobile experience, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

A responsive website design adapts to fit any kind of screen-laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones-in a way which makes all pages, actions, and features accessible, notwithstanding which devices the user is browsing on.

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2. Opt for Some Simple Design And Not Complex Noise

Some years ago web trends went over the top and several animations as well as flash were in vogue. Nowadays, clean plus simple flat designs are all the rage. Then, brands used to overstretch themselves trying to impress visitors with some quirky features, and today consumers are going to appreciate some nice and clean layout.

You should, therefore, impress your visitors with your offerings and contents. Bombarding them with needless animation and flash not only is going to annoy them, but also it ends up slowing down load time of your site.

3. Consider Stock Photos a No-No

Stock photos are ideal for some things, like blog posts. But they have no place in your business’ “About” page.  Consumers and potentials are not going to have much confidence in your brand when you’re trying to convey your professionalism and expertise employing stock photos.

4. Keep Your Navigation Simple

When consumers visit your website, they need to be able to find exactly what they’re looking for within, say, two seconds. When they must search any longer than this, they’ll become frustrated and go to another website.

Therefore, your navigation menu should be as simple as possible. Too many alternatives are going to overwhelm your visitors. Have a clear path to whatever action you actually want the visitors to complete, whether it is a particular destination page or a submission form.

5. Eliminate Your Social Media Feeds

Everyone used to place their social feeds on their sites when social media was still new and fresh. Today, consumers are aware how to connect or link with your brand on the social platform when they need to. Putting Twitter and Facebook feeds on your site just succeed in drawing away attention from your conversion goals.

Put social icons in your sidebar or footer, and link to your account and when a visitor feels inclined to follow, they are going to. You need them to complete your forms, read your website content, and make purchases, and not to scroll through your previous posts and tweets.